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Trivias about The Golden Garuda of Palawan, Sunrise at Pusan Point and The Golden Tara of Agusan

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The Golden Garuda of Palawan - Dating back to the 14th Century, A.D., the Garuda, a golden image of an eagle found at Brooke's Point, Palawan, was believed to be the vehicle of the Hindu God, Vishnu at the height of power of the Hindi-inspired Madjapahit Empire. This image along with other artifacts and the Filipino words of Sanskrit origin are testaments of Hindu influence in pre-colonial Philippine society.

Sunrise at Pusan Point - Located at the easternmost part of the Philippines, Pusan Point in Davao Oriental, was the site of the first millennium sunrise in the country and is considered a "once-in-a-lifetime" event, the sunrise being a symbol of hope in the new era.

The Golden Tara of Agusan - This 21 karat solid gold figurine of a sitting female deity was recovered from a riverbank inAgusan and is probably one of the most unique of pre-colonial artifacts of the Philippines as it was said to be a Buddhist Tara with Tantric influences which dates back from the 11thto the 14th century.